30/11/2018 // MIASTHENIA: New music video with images from the European tour is available

After a successful tour that impressed the European public, MIASTHENIA are back in Brazil and launch a new music video. The song chosen was ‘Novus Orbis Profanum’ and the clip once again features the magic work of musician, producer and … Continue reading

30/11/2018 // KHORIUM: Once again present on an international compilation

The cry of justice and the attitude of KHORIUM are once again representing Brazil on an international compilation. This time in the seventeenth edition of ‘Compilado Gasoleiro’. The collection is organized in Argentina and has socially engaged bands from several … Continue reading

30/11/2018 // SUN DIAMOND: Watch the brand new lyric video ‘She Took The High Road’

SUN DIAMOND have just released a new lyric video, this time for the song ‘She Took The High Road’ from the debut album ‘Sun Diamond’, which has been very well received by fans and the media. The beautiful work of … Continue reading

10/11/2018 // ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: ‘Walpurgisnacht’ avaliable on YouTube

One of the most original albums of recent years, ‘Walpurgisnacht’, debut of Brazil’s ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA is also available on the group’s official YouTube. To listen, just visit the link: If you prefer, the digital version of the album ‘Walpurgisnacht’ can … Continue reading

10/11/2018 // TRINKA RUA: Self-titled debut album available on Spotify

The first work of Brazil’s TRINKA RUA, self-titled, is already available for audition on Spotify. To check out the unusual mix of mixing styles and creating something unique, from Hip Hop to Metal, Jazz to Forró, visit the link: Spotify: … Continue reading

10/11/2018 // SHADOWS LEGACY: New album ‘Lost Humanity’ out now!

SHADOWS LEGACY’s second album, ‘Lost Humanity’, is already with its physical version available for sale. Whoever wants to buy, the material can be found directly with the band, by e-mail and by the digital channels of the group. ‘Lost Humanity’ … Continue reading

10/11/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: New lyric video is out, watch now!

It is now online DEEP MEMORIES’ new lyric video for the song ‘Suffocating Grayish Darkness’, the second track from the newly released album ‘Rebuilding The Future’. The video was edited and elaborated by Igor Sacilloto who worked on Megadeth’s clip … Continue reading

10/11/2018 // EVENDUSK: Listen to the band’s brand new EP ‘Picture Of A Paradise’

Gothic Metal fans now have another option that mixes heaviness, melody, lyrical singing and guttural vocals. The band EVENDUSK, from São Paulo, has just released the EP ‘Picture Of A Paradise’. Featuring 4 songs, ‘Picture Of A Paradise’ is available … Continue reading

31/10/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Review of ‘Rebuilding The Future’ @ Metal Temple

27/10/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Teaser of upcoming new video is online

With the fresh new release of its first album, ‘Rebuilding The Future’, DEEP MEMORIES is drawning attention not only from the specialized media, but also from fans of the Death and Doom Metal mix around the world. And Douglas Martins, … Continue reading

26/10/2018 // SHADOWS LEGACY: Band premieres new and emotional music video

Once again Brazilian SHADOWS LEGACY surprise us and launch a beautiful music video, this time for the track ‘The Final Act’, which will be on their new album, ‘Lost Humanity’. With an exquisite work of production, again in charge of … Continue reading

05/10/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: New album is available on digital platforms

Now, in addition to the physical format, ‘Rebuilding The Future’, debut of the project led by former Desdominus, Douglas Martins, DEEP MEMORIES, is also available in digital format. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1NzhctfnGpjLYh5IiBwIhB iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/br/album/rebuilding-the-future/1429236069 Google: https://goo.gl/QmgjtW Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/br/album/71015962 The album has eight … Continue reading

05/10/2018 // VNS VINICIUS: Music video ‘Flanger Halen’ is available, check it out!

The first video clip taken from ‘Instrumental’, the debut of São Paulo’s guitarist VNS VINICIUS, will be released on October 11. The song chosen is ‘Flanger Halen’, the fourth track of the forthcoming album. The whole video editing was in … Continue reading

21/09/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Debut ‘Rebuild The Future’ is out now; check first liryc video

One of the most anticipated Brazilian albums of the year, ‘Rebuilding The Future’, the first album from the project DEEP MEMORIES, headed by former Desdominus Douglas Martins, is officially available. The work is being released simultaneously in Brazil, Japan and … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // HELLWAY PATROL: The Heralds of the Endtime invaded the digital platforms

Besides the 7″ vinyl version, HELLWAY PATROL’s new EP, ‘Desert Ghost’, which is being received in an extremely positive way, is also available on the world’s top digital music platforms. The digital version, extended, is on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // NERVOCHAOS: The new album is getting closer!

The release of the new album of one of the major names of Brazilian metal nowadays is coming closer: NERVOCHAOS. Once again the group was in Italy at Alpha Omega Studios, alongside producer Alex Azzali to record what will be … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Japanese label relases teaser of upcoming album ‘Rebuilding The Future’

Japanese label Invasion of Solitude Records, responsible for releasing the album ‘Rebuilding The Future’, debut of Brazilian one-man-band DEEP MEMORIES, has just released a teaser with excerpts of all the songs that will be on the album. ‘Rebuilding The Future’ … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // VNS VINICIUS: Guitarist prepares his first solo album

Talented musician and producer VNS VINICIUS is preparing his first studio album, which will be released on October 1st on the world’s leading digital music distributors, in addition to its physical version. Under the title ‘Instrumental’, the album will feature … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // SHADOWS LEGACY: Tracklist of ‘Lost Humanity’ is featured

Getting closer to the release of their second album, SHADOWS LEGACY present a bit more of ‘Lost Humanity’ details. ‘Lost Humanity’ will feature 11 tracks that were distributed as follows: 1. Intro 2. Sea Of Revenge 3. Tough Ain’t Enough … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // TCHANDALA: Awesome music video for the track ‘Labyrinth’ is available

And the partnership between TCHANDALA and the multimedia artist Marlon Delano continues to gather fruits. Now it is the turn of the partners to present the result of the new work together: a beautiful music video. The song chosen for … Continue reading