29/03/19 TCHANDALA: ‘Turning The Hourglass’ EP available for streaming
22/12/18 TCHANDALA: Based on Brazil’s Northeastern culture, band premieres new music video
14/09/18 TCHANDALA: Awesome music video for the track ‘Labyrinth’ is available
29/08/18 TCHANDALA: Lyric video featuring Ripper Owens!
13/08/18 TCHANDALA: Watch the band playing ‘Resilience’ in a great live performance
09/06/18 TCHANDALA: ‘Resilience’ available on the world’s top digital music platforms
09/02/18 TCHANDALA: Check out how was the design and creation of the new album cover
01/12/17 TCHANDALA: Third album of the career, ‘Resilience’, is available for sale!
06/10/17 TCHANDALA: Check out bonus song from the new album, ‘Resilience’
22/09/17 TCHANDALA: First album of the career finally available in digital format
26/07/17 TCHANDALA: Band announces last special guest of the new album
29/06/17 TCHANDALA: Check the tracklist for upcoming album ‘Resilience’
08/06/17 TCHANDALA: ‘Resilience’ gets their first lyric video
30/05/17 TCHANDALA: Check out the band performing Edu Falaschi’s song
05/05/17 TCHANDALA: Band presents cover and title of the upcoming new album!
17/02/17 TCHANDALA: One of the groups present in the new Imperative Music compilation
26/01/17 TCHANDALA: Hibria’s Iuri Sanson to guest the new album
24/11/16 TCHANDALA: Talented duo from Minas Gerais participates in the new album
17/11/16 TCHANDALA: Former Judas Priest will participate in the new album, check the musician’s testimony