30/11/18 SUN DIAMOND: Watch the brand new lyric video ‘She Took The High Road’
10/11/18 SHADOWS LEGACY: New album ‘Lost Humanity’ out now!
26/10/18 SHADOWS LEGACY: Band premieres new and emotional music video
14/09/18 SHADOWS LEGACY: Tracklist of ‘Lost Humanity’ is featured
27/08/18 SHADOWS LEGACY: Cover art for the upcoming album, ‘Lost Humanity’, is presented
21/04/18 SHADOWS LEGACY: Music video for ‘Restless’ is available
06/04/18 SHADOWS LEGACY: New single ‘Restless’ is available; listen now
21/07/17 SHADOWS LEGACY: Back to studio Anubis to record the new album
04/04/17 SHADOWS LEGACY: Watch brand new song live
17/02/17 SHADOWS LEGACY: Band announces new single, cover and title presented
09/12/16 SHADOWS LEGACY: In studio recording a new work
03/06/16 SHADOWS LEGACY: News about the new album
26/04/16 SHADOWS LEGACY: Album now available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital services
12/11/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: New symbol and new plans!
12/10/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: EP being sold in Japan
05/09/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: EP ‘Blood and Sweat’ wins physical version
17/04/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: Album amongst the best of 2014
10/04/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: Review of ‘Blood And Sweat’ – A Música Continua A Mesma
02/04/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: On the compilation made by the website Arena Metal
17/03/15 SHADOWS LEGACY: New music video is available