10/05/19 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Whisperer in Darkness’ is the band’s new music video
29/03/19 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Of Evil and Men’, new track out of ‘Ablaze’ album gets a video clip
16/02/19 NERVOCHAOS: Band inks worldwide deal with Hammerheart Records
14/09/18 NERVOCHAOS: The new album is getting closer!
27/07/18 NERVOCHAOS: Demo-Tape ‘Of Evil and Men’ is available for sale
18/06/18 NERVOCHAOS: Cover and all details of ‘Of Evil and Men’ Demo-Tape
09/06/18 NERVOCHAOS: Diego Mercadante is the new member; extensive world tour announced
25/05/18 NERVOCHAOS: Lauro Bonometti part ways with the group
25/04/18 NERVOCHAOS: New demo ‘Of Evil and Man’ and several projects in the works
23/02/18 NERVOCHAOS: Band announces the new formation
04/12/17 NERVOCHAOS: Band mourns the passing of guitarist Cherry Taketani
01/12/17 NERVOCHAOS: Check out the series of videos presented by the band
26/10/17 NERVOCHAOS: ‘Nyctophilia’ proves once more all the group’s power
22/09/17 NERVOCHAOS: Leg of the Brazilian tour alongside Coldblood also receives documentary
01/09/17 NERVOCHAOS: Brazilian tour with Justabeli gets documentary
18/08/17 NERVOCHAOS: New European tour with Belphegor and other giants
01/08/17 NERVOCHAOS: One of the Brazilian bands recommended by international website
22/07/17 NERVOCHAOS: In the compilation of the website Headbangers Latinoamerica
29/06/17 NERVOCHAOS: Asian Tour also gets minidocumentary
23/06/17 NERVOCHAOS: Documentary about Latin American tour is available