13/08/18 DYSNOMIA: ‘Anagnorisis’ finally available on Spotify and other digital platforms
22/06/18 DYSNOMIA: João Jorge shows a little of the vocal recordings of ‘Anagnorisis’
22/06/18 DYSNOMIA: Review of ‘Anagnorisis’ @ Metal Temple
19/05/18 DYSNOMIA: New video shows the recordings of Denilson Sarvo’s bass
06/04/18 DYSNOMIA: Who has never encountered a frightening reality when looking in the mirror?
23/02/18 DYSNOMIA: ‘Anagnorisis’ already available for sale
02/02/18 DYSNOMIA: Celebrating great results of the South American invasion
08/12/17 DYSNOMIA: Band announces South American tour in 2018
24/11/17 DYSNOMIA: First single from the new album is available in lyric video, watch!
10/11/17 DYSNOMIA: Third video of the series shows Fabricio Pereira
24/10/17 DYSNOMIA: New video focuses on the guitar recordings
19/10/17 DYSNOMIA: Band present in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’
12/10/17 DYSNOMIA: Band releases video regarding the recordings of the drums
27/09/17 DYSNOMIA: Title and cover of the second album are presented
14/09/17 MINDS THAT ROCK: Compilation distributed by Shinigami includes 17 names of the Brazilian scene
14/09/17 DYSNOMIA: ‘Proselyte’ available for free streaming on YouTube!
09/08/17 DYSNOMIA: Watch drum cam recorded at Brazilian festival Araraquara Rock
07/06/17 DYSNOMIA: Brazilian Death/Thrash Metal act stream new music video
31/05/17 DYSNOMIA: Check out teaser of upcoming music video
04/04/17 DYSNOMIA: New official website is available