10/05/19 DROWNED: Transforming Iron Maiden in a Death Metal act! Check it out!
05/04/19 DROWNED: New cover brings Brazilian lengend Ratos de Porão
15/03/19 DROWNED: Presenting an awesome version of Samael’s classic ‘Black Trip’
08/02/19 DROWNED: Carcass’ ‘Heartwork’ is the new cover released by the group
27/08/18 DROWNED: ‘7th’ also available for free listening no YouTube
03/08/18 DROWNED: Watch now the new lyric video ‘Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil’
13/07/18 DROWNED: New music video ‘The Bitter Art of Detestation’ is available, watch now!
13/07/18 DROWNED: Review of ‘7th’ @ Noizze
13/07/18 DROWNED: Review of ‘7th’ @ The Median Man
29/06/18 DROWNED: Digital version of ‘7th’ now available on major global platforms
18/06/18 DROWNED: ‘7th’ new and awaited album is available worldwide
09/06/18 DROWNED: Celebrating 20 years of career in 2018!
01/06/18 DROWNED: Murder, Sex, Hate and More in brand new single
21/04/18 DROWNED: New lyric video ‘Violent March of Chaos’ is available
13/04/18 DROWNED: Band unveils the cover art of upcoming album ‘7th’
10/03/18 DROWNED: ‘Rage Before Some Hope’ is the group’s new single; listen now
02/03/18 DROWNED: Release date and first teaser of ‘7th’
26/01/18 DROWNED: Preparing their new album, seventh in career