12/10/2017 CHAFUN DI FORMIO: Compilation ‘Minds That Rock’ receives the band’s music

12/10/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: Now available ‘From East With Hate’, group’s first album

12/10/2017 TRANSCENDENT: Participating in the compilation ‘Rock Out Of The Box’

12/10/2017 ZOMBIE COOKBOOK: Check out pictures and videos at River Rock

12/10/2017 PATO JUNKIE: Participating in Brazilian compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

12/10/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: In the Brazilian compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

12/10/2017 DARKSHIP: Song in compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

12/10/2017 DYSNOMIA: Band releases video regarding the recordings of the drums

11/10/2017 DISTRAUGHT: Check out the group’s killer version for The Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’!

11/10/2017 SEVERAL EYES: Cover and title of upcoming debut are unveiled

11/10/2017 THE WASTED: New blood of Brazilian Metal present in the compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

06/10/2017 DARKSHIP: Band announces Julio Cesar de Azeredo as new guitarist

06/10/2017 BLOODY: Group in compilation distributed by Shinigami Records

06/10/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: Announced tour around Colombia and Ecuador

06/10/2017 TCHANDALA: Check out bonus song from the new album, ‘Resilience’

06/10/2017 CREPTUM: Cover artwork and title of the new EP are presented

06/10/2017 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Present in compilation ‘Minds That Rock’

06/10/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: New song available for listening and downloading

06/10/2017 WEAKLESS MACHINE: Performance in video for the song ‘Burning All’

06/10/2017 SANGRENA: Brazilian Death Metallers to release new album; title and cover revealed

29/09/2017 X-EMPIRE: In video vocalist talks about new album’s international guest

29/09/2017 ENCÉFALO: Watch the group at the opening concert for Deicide

29/09/2017 SODOMA: Classic Demo ‘Sadomazocristo’ available for free listening

29/09/2017 WORSIS: Band’s debut album is available in digital format

29/09/2017 KRUCIPHA: Teaser and tracklist of new album are available

27/09/2017 DYSNOMIA: Title and cover of the second album are presented

22/09/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Single ‘Infernorium’ receives a lyric video

22/09/2017 TCHANDALA: First album of the career finally available in digital format

22/09/2017 MYRKGAND: Physical version of the new album is available for sale!

22/09/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Leg of the Brazilian tour alongside Coldblood also receives documentary

22/09/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: All discs available for free streaming!

22/09/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: ‘Far Beyond Existence’ will be released in Chile and Peru

15/09/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: Review of ‘Fall Of Gods’ @ Metal na Lata

15/09/2017 SODOMA: Review of ‘Mutapestaminação’ @ Arte Metal

15/09/2017 EVIL SENSE: Review of ‘Fight For Freedom’ @ Whiplash

15/09/2017 MINISTÉRIO DA DISCÓRDIA: Review of ‘Abismo’ @ Portal do Inferno

15/09/2017 MYRKGAND: Review of ‘Myrkgand’ @ Metal Samsara

14/09/2017 X-EMPIRE: Band streaming new awesome clip ‘Suffocating Me’

14/09/2017 MINDS THAT ROCK: Compilation distributed by Shinigami includes 17 names of the Brazilian scene

14/09/2017 THE WASTED: First EP, ‘The Wasted’, available for free

14/09/2017 LOSNA: Watch full concert at Metal Sul Festival

14/09/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: Physical version of ‘Far Beyond Existence’ already on sale

14/09/2017 4BANNED: New Brazilian promise prepares first album

14/09/2017 SCELERATA: Version for Motörhead’s ‘Asylum Choir’ released for listening

14/09/2017 DYSNOMIA: ‘Proselyte’ available for free streaming on YouTube!

08/09/2017 MAKINÁRIA ROCK: All official material available on Spotify

08/09/2017 METALMORPHOSE: Album ‘Máquina dos Sentidos’ will receive a vinyl version!

08/09/2017 CREPTUM: Preparing new EP for this year!

08/09/2017 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Band delves deep into the concept of ‘Enlighten’

01/09/2017 TRANSCENDENT: Producer of Rush, Deep Purple and Tool mastered the new album

01/09/2017 SCELERATA: ‘The Sniper’ is available on Spotify

01/09/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Brazilian tour with Justabeli gets documentary

30/08/2017 SODOMA: Lyric video for the track ‘Ramaerata’ is available

30/08/2017 SPIRITUAL HATE: Watch lyric video for the track ‘Behind The Lies Of God’

30/08/2017 DARKSHIP: Music video for the song ‘You Can Go Back’ is available