04/08/2017 AFFRONT: Disturbing clip for the song ‘Conflicts’ is available

04/08/2017 MYRKGAND: Brazilian project brings together great names from worldwide Metal

04/08/2017 WEAKLESS MACHINE: Already composing new material

04/08/2017 NUCLEAR WARFARE: All dates and details of the new Brazilian tour

04/08/2017 DATAVENIA: Album also available on major digital music distributors

04/08/2017 DEVASTAÇÃO SOB TERROR: Brazilian Grindcore invades digital platforms

01/08/2017 MAKINÁRIA ROCK: ‘Cidade Rock’ is available on digital platforms

01/08/2017 ARMORED DAWN: Announced partnership with German beverage company, HAMMER!

01/08/2017 NERVOCHAOS: One of the Brazilian bands recommended by international website

28/07/2017 ARMORED DAWN: Here comes a new music video, check teaser

28/07/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Review of ‘Infernal’ @ A Música Continua a Mesma

28/07/2017 DATAVENIA: Review of “Welcome To The Underground’ @ Metal Samsara

28/07/2017 WORSIS: Title and cover of the debut are presented

28/07/2017 NUCLEAR WARFARE: Germans release album in August and begin world tour in Brazil

28/07/2017 IT’S ALL RED: Entering pre-production of the new work

28/07/2017 REVOLTED: New song, ‘Devoções’, also receives a music video – watch now!

28/07/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: In international article about Brazilian bands

26/07/2017 TCHANDALA: Band announces last special guest of the new album

26/07/2017 ANCESTTRAL: International website recommends the band

26/07/2017 EVIL SENSE: Tracklist and concept behind ‘Fight For Freedom’

26/07/2017 HATEFULMURDER: Among Brazilian bands recommended by Chilean website

22/07/2017 NUCLEAR WARFARE: Brazilian mini-tour is announced; Check dates

22/07/2017 NERVOCHAOS: In the compilation of the website Headbangers Latinoamerica

21/07/2017 ARMORED DAWN: Tracklist and teasers of ‘Barbarians in Black’ are featured

21/07/2017 TRANSCENDENT: Music video for the song ‘Second Breath’ is available

21/07/2017 SHADOWS LEGACY: Back to studio Anubis to record the new album

21/07/2017 DARKSHIP: Video clip production is finished; Check out some behind the scenes pictures

19/07/2017 HATEFULMURDER: Released music video for the song ‘Red Eyes’

19/07/2017 CREPTUM: New album available for free listening

19/07/2017 IT’S ALL RED: One of the 40 Brazilian bands to listen to according to international website

14/07/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Review of ‘Infernal’ @ Metal Samsara

14/07/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: Review of ‘World’s Hypocrisy’ @ Whiplash

14/07/2017 DATAVENIA: Review of ‘Welcome To The Underground’ @ Metal na Lata

14/07/2017 ELIZABETHAN WALPURGA: Review of ‘Walpurgisnacht’ @ A Música Continua a Mesma

14/07/2017 DISTRAUGHT: Cover for MOTÖRHEAD’s classic is available for listening

14/07/2017 DARK AVENGER: ‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’ is officially released in Brazil

14/07/2017 TORTURE SQUAD: Digital version of the new album is available!

14/07/2017 WORSIS: Preparing their first work; Learn more

14/07/2017 ENDRAH: Band is looking for a new drummer

14/07/2017 AEON PRIME: ‘Future Into Dust’ available on Spotify

14/07/2017 EVIL SENSE: New album is available for sale

13/07/2017 REVOLTED: New webclip ‘Gosto do Veneno’ is released, watch now!

13/07/2017 SKINLEPSY: Band is attraction in compilation from the website Headbangers Latinoamerica

08/07/2017 CÉU EM CHAMAS: Review of ‘Infernal’ @ Metal Na Lata

07/07/2017 MINISTÉRIO DA DISCÓRDIA: Review of ‘Abismo’ @ A Música Continua a Mesma

07/07/2017 WOSLOM: In the compilation of the site Headbangers Latinoamerica

07/07/2017 KRUCIPHA: Band talking about the upcoming album ‘Inhuman Nature’

06/07/2017 TRANSCENDENT: New album, ‘Awakening’, is available

06/07/2017 ENCÉFALO: Check out the cover of the new album ‘DeaThrone’

06/07/2017 SAVE OUR SOULS: Band talks about the new single

05/07/2017 WEAKLESS MACHINE: In the international collection of website Headbangers Latinoamerica

05/07/2017 SCELERATA: Talking about the recordings in the United States

05/07/2017 THE WASTED: New promise of Brazilian Metal in international compilation!

05/07/2017 DISTRAUGHT: ‘The Last Trip’ is the band’s new lyric video

04/07/2017 ARMORED DAWN: Band present in the international compilation ‘Crash Of 2 Worlds’