21/12/2017 KILLEPSIA: EP ‘Killepsia’ available for listening on YouTube

21/12/2017 HEAVIEST: Band presents the new logo

15/12/2017 DARKSHIP: Thanking the nearly 42,000 video clip views and interview for Nicaragua’s Alma de Metal

15/12/2017 WEAKLESS MACHINE: From unknown to a great promise of Brazilian scenario

15/12/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: Traditional Death Metal from Minas Gerais honoring its history

15/12/2017 ENCÉFALO: New album to be released by Shinigami; listen to a new song

15/12/2017 X-EMPIRE: ‘Grief’ is available on Spotify, iTunes and major digital platforms!

15/12/2017 KILLEPSIA: Self-titled EP available on digital platforms

14/12/2017 SEVERAL EYES: Listen to the group playing ‘Enjoy The Silence’ from Depeche Mode

14/12/2017 SUN DIAMOND: First album officially released

14/12/2017 MAVERICK INC: ‘Culturally Disfigured’ is now available for listening

08/12/2017 4BANNED: At Casanegra Studio finalizing the pre-production of the first disc

08/12/2017 ENDRAH: Cesar Covero on guitar playthrough for ‘Your Life Deleted’

08/12/2017 DYSNOMIA: Band announces South American tour in 2018

08/12/2017 HEAVIEST: Legendary producer Roy Z coproducing the band’s sophomore album

08/12/2017 MAVERICK INC: Teaser and release date of the new single

08/12/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: New album is available for free on YouTube

08/12/2017 THIAGO CAURIO: New single also available on Spotify

08/12/2017 THE WASTED: ‘Rotten Society’ available for free listening on YouTube

08/12/2017 GESTOS GROSSEIROS: 2017 definitely marks the band’s name

08/12/2017 INFESTATIO: Band is in pre-production of a new work

04/12/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Band mourns the passing of guitarist Cherry Taketani

04/12/2017 DARK AVENGER: Watch Mario Linhares singing Judas Priest in Italy

04/12/2017 MYRKGAND: European release date announced and new t-shirt print available

01/12/2017 BAD BEBOP: Video Series shows the Prime Time Tour Brazil-Argentina

01/12/2017 KRUCIPHA: Brazilian Groove/Thrash innovators release ‘Inhuman Nature’

01/12/2017 NERVOCHAOS: Check out the series of videos presented by the band

01/12/2017 TRANSCENDENT: New single/video clip can also be checked on Spotify

01/12/2017 MIASTHENIA: “The work of the group is too big for Brazil”

01/12/2017 AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE: Listen to ‘Enlighten’ on Spotify

01/12/2017 TCHANDALA: Third album of the career, ‘Resilience’, is available for sale!

30/11/2017 HEAVIEST: Band Announces new singer; new album in 2018

24/11/2017 DYSNOMIA: First single from the new album is available in lyric video, watch!

24/11/2017 MIASTHENIA: New album is also available in digital format

24/11/2017 HIPERCUBO: Watch the band live at ‘Helena’ music video release concert

23/11/2017 AEON PRIME: Band premieres ‘In The Depths Of Me’ music video

23/11/2017 TRANSCENDENT: ‘Awakening’ available worldwide on Digital Platforms

17/11/2017 MORTIFER RAGE: Review of ‘Fall Of Gods’ @ Whiplash

17/11/2017 EVIL SENSE: Review of ‘Fight For Freedom’ @ Cangaço Rock

17/11/2017 TRANSCENDENT: Review of ‘Awakening’ @ Arrepio Prdoduções

17/11/2017 MAVERICK INC: Preparing new single; band presents details

17/11/2017 PATO JUNKIE: New album is also available on digital platforms

17/11/2017 SODOMA: Definitely rooting their name in the underground

16/11/2017 THIAGO CAURIO: Drummer releases single ‘Thawing The Brain’

16/11/2017 CREPTUM: EP also available on Facebook and Bandcamp

16/11/2017 DARKSHIP: ‘We Are Lost’ is available worldwide in digital format

16/11/2017 ENDRAH: New single ‘Your Life Deleted’ also on Spotify

16/11/2017 WORSIS: Physical version of new album now available

10/11/2017 PATO JUNKIE: ‘The Rag Doll’ is available! Listen now

10/11/2017 EVIL SENSE: ‘Fight For Freedom’ available in digital version

10/11/2017 DARK AVENGER: In Europe presenting the new album, Mário Linhares will sing at festival

10/11/2017 DYSNOMIA: Third video of the series shows Fabricio Pereira

10/11/2017 MYRKGAND: Novembers Doom musician talks about guesting the album

02/11/2017 CERBERUS ATTACK: Tracklist and more details of ‘From East With Hate’

02/11/2017 TRANSCENDENT: 15 years of history in new music video, watch