News published Friday, June 20, 2014

After announcing that its most recent work, the EP ‘The Age Of Darkness’, is available for sale, CREPTUM also offers the same for free listening.

To do so, visit the group’s official Soundcloud channel:

Those that accompany the work of the band formed in mid-2001 may strange the title, but it is the same demo released in 2004, but completely re-recorded by the original members with bonus. Recording took place at Studio CD Audio Souza Lima in São Paulo.

The cover artwork was once again in charge of Raphael Grizilli, designer and founder of the band. For this work, there was a rereading of the original, but with the new logo and a darker tone than the 2004′ demo.


‘The Age Of Darkness’ is also available in physical format (a few copies) and can be purchased directly by email: or Facebook:

Contact for concerts and merchandise:

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