News published Friday, September 08, 2017

METALMORPHOSE’s already classic album ‘Máquina dos Sentidos’ will be released on vinyl! Originally released in 2012, it may be considered the veteran group’s first full-length album.

The vinyl version will be released by Metal Soldiers (Portugal), Route 55 Records (Brazil – Pernambuco) and Musitrax (Brazil – Rio de Janeiro). There are 500 copies all over the world, with colored vinyl (various pearlescent tonalities) made in Germany, double booklet with photos and lyrics, and a varnished cover made in Italy and is scheduled to hit the market during the month of October.

In addition to vinyl, METALMORPHOSE continue to promote the recently released album ‘Ação & Reação’, which is available for sale at major specialty stores. The material can also be checked for free by the link:

‘Ação & Reação’ is also available on digital platforms for listening and buying via download.


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