News published Friday, September 01, 2017

After the huge Brazilian tour, NERVOCHAOS prepare to return to Europe, but before share a bit of what happened at the shows in Brazil.

The tour took place between June and August. There were 72 days, 54 shows and 23,800Km, running through the South, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and North regions of the country. It was divided into two parts: the first along with JUSTABELI and the final alongside COLDBLOOD.

NERVOCHAOS have just released a documentary focused on the first part of the project, which includes concerts from June 10 until July 13, watch:

Soon a documentary for the second part of the Brazilian tour will be published.

Now NERVOCHAOS return to Europe and will be accompanied by Extreme Metal giants. The first of them, leading the tour is the Austrian BELPHEGOR. Alongside are the no less important DESTRÖYER 666 and ENTHRONED. Rounding out the regular touring team are the Norwegians of NORDJEVEL. The tour takes place between September 28 and October 22.

The concerts make up the ‘Nyctophilia World Tour 2017’, which spreads the album ‘Nyctophilia’, released this year and being considered one of the major Brazilian releases of 2017. The album can be bought directly with the band, by email or Facebook.


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