News published Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It’s availabble another lyric video taken from SODOMA’s new album, ‘Mutapestaminação’, released last year and that has been received in an extremely positive way.

The song is ‘Ramaerata’ and the lyric video was made by Nestor Carrera:

This is the fifth lyric video taken from the album, another proof of SODOMA’s appreciation for the message that their songs and atittude. Be sure to check out the others already released:


Viperovz Papisa



‘Mutapestaminação’ was produced by Victor Hugo Targino of VH Records. The cover was in the hands of the artist Rafael Tavares (Desdominus, Luxuria de Lillith).

The disc – in digipack -, as well as all SODOMA’s official material, is available for sale directly with the band via email or Facebook.


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