News published Friday, August 25, 2017

Heavy music and fighting have always gone together in ENDRAH’s world and now this partnership extends literally, since the group started a series of partnerships with big names of the fighting scene.

The first name announced for Team Endrah was Cicero “Gardenal” Coutinho, a fighter who comes from a victory in Thunderfight and who is using the song ’61 Rounds’ to enter the fights.

Another name that has just been confirmed is from fighter Jefferson Silva, undefeated Kickboxing champion!

A video featuring Jefferson Silva on Team Endrah was made available:

“We are very proud of those people who make a living by literally fighting, representing not only their team, but our country in important events. Through our music we will spread these athletes, and they Endrah. It’s an honor for us. #teamendrah”

ENDRAH have a new virtual store. All the official merchandise, ranging from T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, CDs, is available there, check out the link:

In their newly-ended tour, ENDRAH recorded footage for the production of their first DVD. Soon more news about the project will be presented.


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