News published Friday, August 18, 2017

The new lyric video of TORTURE SQUAD is available, this time for the track ‘Blood Sacrifice’ from the new album, ‘Far Beyond Existence’.

The song brings new experiences to the group, which inserted to their Metal, touches of Hindu music. The introduction was performed by guitarist Rene Simionato playing zither and vocalist Mayara Undead Puertas singing the mantra “OM SHREE MAHAKALIKAYAEE NAMAH”, which means “I greet the powerful Kali with all respect.”

The video also features the vocalist characterized as the very Hindu entity, Kali, in a gorgeous makeup job by Bruna Pletsch.

The lyric video was produced by Tiago Borges from the studio Lamparina and also features photography by Ariane Gonçalves,

‘Far Beyond Existence’ is being released worldwide by the European record label SECRET SERVICE RECORDS and is now available in its digital version on all major digital music platforms:

Already the physical version is in the factory and soon will also be on the market.

The album was recorded and produced in São Paulo by Wagner Meirinho, Tiago Assolini (Loud Factory) and by TORTURE SQUAD. The cover is an exclusive art by Rafael Tavares.

Big Metal names participate in ‘Far Beyond Existence’:

– David Ingram (Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Ursinne, Down Among The Dead Men, Echelon, Hail of Bullets, Just Before Dawn), vocal in ‘Hate’;

– Edu Lane (NervoChaos), speech in ‘Cursed by Disease’;

– Luiz Louzada (Vulcano, Chemical Desaster), vocal in ‘You Must Proclaim’;

– Alex Camargo (Krisiun), vocal in ‘Just Got Paid’ (ZZ Top tributo);

– Marcelo Schevano (Carro Bomba, Golpe de Estado, Casa das Máquinas), Hammond in ‘Torture in Progress’.

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