News published Friday, August 18, 2017

DARK AVENGER proudly announce that their new album, ‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’, will cross the ocean. The band signed a contract for its international release on September 1st.

The label responsible for the work will be the Italian Rockshots Records, a company specialized in Heavy, Prog and Power Metal, which has been gaining ground and investing in promising names around the world. Learn more:

In Brazil, ‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’ has been drawing sighs from the fans and the specialized media, the latter that has been citing the album with one of the great releases of the year.

‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’ marks the most ambitious and daring work of DARK AVENGER to date. Its complex lyrical concept came from the mind and heart of vocalist Mário Linhares and the beautiful compositions remained in the hands of the very singer and guitarists Glauber Oliveira and Hugo Santiago.

All the album’s production, recording and mixing, were performed at Asylum Studios, in Brasília/DF, by guitarist Glauber Oliveira. The mastering was in charge of Swedish Tony Lindgren. The cover is an art by Frenchman Bernard Bitler.

Watch the lyric video for the title track:


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