News published Wednesday, August 09, 2017

One-man-band MYRKGAND proudly announces a partnership with Nuktemeron Productions for the release of its debut, self-titled, in physical format.

The launch is scheduled for September and the pre-order of the material is available. To receive before and with a better price, just contact the band by email or Facebook – shipping worldwide. Its digital version is already available on the world’s leading digital music distributors.

‘Myrkgand’ is one of the most audacious projects of Brazilian Metal in recent years. Its founder, multi-instrumentalist musician Dmitry Luna, spared no effort for his musical vision and joined a team of international renames for the recording of the material, check the list of guests:

Eduardo “Warmonger” Amorim (Mystifier)
Vito Marchese (Novembers Doom/The Kahless Clone)
Diego DoUrden (Mystifier/Infested Blood)
Lord Vlad (Malefactor)
Rafael Cadena (Cangaço)
Armando “Beelzebub” (Mystifier)
Mike LePond (Symphony X)
Antonio Araújo (Korzus/One Arm Away)
Andre Tulipano (Steel Warrior)
Jairo Neto (Cruor)
Alysson Drakkar (Luxúria de Lillith)
Jafet Amoêdo (Malefactor)

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Darkside Studio in Recife, with production by Diego DoUrden and Dmitry Luna. Already the cover was in the hands of the artist Emerson Maia, with colorization by Antonio Cesar.

A lyric video for the track ‘Mysterious Malediction’ featuring musicians from Symphony X, Korzus, Steel Warrior and Mystifier was made available:


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