News published Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Owner of an overwhelming stage performance, DYSNOMIA was once again on the stage of the great Araraquara Rock festival.

Of course a group so concise and technical, needs a drummer who holds everything together and at the same time “trounce” the drums. To show a little of the performance of the talented drummer Érik Robert, the group made available a ‘drum cam’ playing the song ‘Begotten’ at the event, watch:

The song is part of the group’s new album, ‘Proselyte’, released last year and received to extremely positive reactions, including quoted in several lists of best of 2016, not only in Brazil, but also abroad! The material has eight tracks and was released in partnership with Heavy Metal Rock. The production was in the hands of DYSNOMIA and Gabriel do Vale. The cover was made by the artist Gustavo Sazes.

In addition to the physical version, which can be purchased directly from the band, the album can also be found at all major digital music distributors in the world, check out some links:


A clip for the title track has been made available:


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