News published Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The music video for ‘Sail Away’ surprised the fans not only for its beautiful music, but for a thorough audiovisual work that included a beautiful performance by ARMORED DAWN musicians playing roles in the video.

Everything created with much affection and attention to the smallest details. The band tells a bit of how this experience was:

“‘Sail Away’ was a meticulous work under the direction of Micka from the producer Ideia House.

“It was a great challenge for the band to take on the role of protagonists in some scenes, we had already defined that Timo (guitarist) would play the role of King, so the other roles were appearing and it was really fun, the band was very comfortable! We even had the more than special participation of a hawk named Darwin from a group called “Animal Legal” who treat their animals with a lot of respect, make it clear that no animal was treated badly during filming except the musicians… (laughs)

“The other professional actors were very competent and patient, they instantly became team members, and gave the best for the team. We had Jennyfer Helen as protagonist alongside Lucas Cardin besides Camila Valeriano who played the role of the Queen and Alessandro Delarissa who made the “villain”, outside all the extras who did a great job and were all very patient! The band really got into the medieval mood and we had a lot of fun.”

Without further ado, check out the clip:

The song was taken from ‘Barbarians In Black’, the group’s second album, which is due to be released between October/November this year. The production was by Bruno Agra (We are Harlot) and American Kato Kandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Papa Roach), in addition to the mastering of the American Ted Jensen. The cover is an art by the Brazilian João Duarte.


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