News published Friday, August 04, 2017

It is approaching the new passage of the Germans – and the Brazilian Xandão Brito – through Brazil and NUCLEAR WARFARE present all the information about the shows in the country.

The mini-tour starts on August 11 and ends on the 18th of this month, passing through the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, check the dates in detail:

11/08 – Caveira Velha Rock Bar – Jandira/SP
With the bands Warsickness and Antroforcer.
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12/08 – Aneurose Fest – Lavras/MG
With the bands Test, Aneurose and Lame Horse.
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13/08 – Barril de Pólvora Fest – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
With the bands Chaos Synopsis, BlackForce, Egocentric Molecules, Baga, Art Against Agony and Vicious.
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17/08 – Studio Papiris – São Paulo/SP
With the band Spectrus.
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18/08 – 74 Club – Santo André/SP
With the Spectrus and Thrashing bands
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The tour is to promote the new album, ‘Empowered By Hate’, which will be released this August 4 by the German MDD Records and will be available in Brazil with the band during the shows.

‘Empowered By Hate’ was recorded at São Paulo’s studio Papiris under the production of Caio Monfort and has 10 tracks.

The first clip from the album, ‘Let The Hate Reign’, was also recorded in Brazil. The images were by Junior Imigrante and Rogério Souza and the edition by the prominent producer/filmmaker Denis Di Lallo:


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