News published Tuesday, August 01, 2017

While the new album, ‘Mundo Imundo’, doesn’t come, MAKINÁRIA ROCK release their emblematic second album, ‘Cidade Rock’, on the main services of streaming.

To listen to the disc through your favorite app, simply search for the band, or if you prefer, follow one of the links below:


The other materials in the group will also be available on digital media soon.

MAKINÁRIA ROCK continue finalizing ‘Mundo Imundo’, the material succeeds directly ‘Cidade Rock’ and is scheduled for mid-October this year.

The album is being recorded and produced by Lau Andrade at Conspiração Studio, which will also be in charge of mixing and mastering. The cover was by the guitarist of MAKINÁRIA ROCK, Augusto Abade.

Check out a preview of the album with the single ‘Lemmy Imortal’:


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