News published Thursday, June 29, 2017

Always presenting concerts well above average, CREPTUM are one of the highlights on the stages where they go with their Black Metal.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to see the group on their latest tour promoting the album ‘of lies, curses and blood’, some videos of their live performance have been posted on the YouTube channel, X_U_L_I_P_A_ (https: // goo. Gl / K3aQ3H).

The videos were recorded during the presentation of CREPTUM at a festival in the city of Osasco/SP, check out:

The Black Sword:

The Fall Of The Nazarene Whore:

Burn The Cross:

The album ‘of lies, curses and blood’ was cited as one of the leading national releases last year. Its physical version was released in Brazil by Mutilation Records and is available for sale with the band by email or Facebook. The digital version is also for sale:


A clip for ‘On The Pale Horse’ was also released, watch:



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