News published Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finally one of Brazilian Metal leading names, São Paulo’s TORTURE SQUAD present us with the first details of their new and eagerly awaited album

The work is called ‘Far Beyond Existence’. This will be the band’s eighth studio album in twenty four years of career.

The album is being recorded and produced in São Paulo, by Wagner Meirinho, Tiago Assolini (Loud Factory) and by the very band. The Brazilian version will have ten songs, a bonus track ‘Torture in Progress’, which features the participation of Marcelo Schevano (Car Bomb, State Coup and House of Machines) playing Hammond, new details of the European version will be disclosed soon.

1. Don’t Cross My Path
2. No Fate
3. Blood Sacrifice
4. Steady Hands
5. Hate
6. Hero for the Ages
7. Far Beyond Existence
8. Cursed by Desease
9. You Must Proclaim
10. Torture in Progress

‘Far Beyond Existence’ will be released in Brazil and Europe by the English label SECRET SERVICE RECORDS, scheduled for release on July 13.

TORTURE SQUAD are updating their official Facebook with videos and information about the recordings of the new album, to avoid miss anything, like and follow:

The group will also participate in a Brazilian tribute to Motörhead to be released also by the British label. The quartet performs ‘Overkill’, track that opens the eponymous album, released in 1979, check out:

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