News published Friday, November 04, 2016

CREPTUM’s first album, ‘of lies, curses and blood’, released fifteen years after the band’s foundation, came full of expectations and, by the reviews already published, these expectations will be exceeded!

Through the text of Marcos Garcia, editor of the website Metal Samsara, we can – for those who have not yet listened – get an idea that we have another great work of Brazilian extreme metal.

In his words, the editor states that the group “reaches the apex on their first album” and that “‘of lies, curses and blood’ is the record that puts CREPTUM on a high plateau within the national extreme scenario.”

“CREPTUM put all of its musical boldness into ‘of lies, curses and blood’, creating songs with very thoughtful arrangements, excellent dynamics between instruments and vocals, and everything with an extremely dense and melancholic melodious tune but without losing the group’s aggressiveness.”


‘of lies, curses and blood’, released in Brazil by Mutilation Records, was recorded at studio Ponto Zero and produced by Eric Cavalcante (Deimous Nefus), also guitarist of the band, the vocalist Raphael Grizilli (Tanatos) was resposible for the cover. The mastering was under the responsibility of the engineer Neto Grous, of Absolute Master.

Remembering that CREPTUM have just released the first video clip taken from work. The chosen song is the opening track ‘On The Pale Horse’. The video was directed and produced by Tandi Verissimo ( Watch:


The album, as well as the official merchandise of the group, is available for sale directly with the band via email and Facebook.


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