News published Friday, October 21, 2016

The long awaited first full of CREPTUM, ‘of lies, curses and blood’, is already available for sale and now the group tells us a little more about the work’s concept.

In its ten tracks, CREPTUM travel into the deeper aspects of their philosophy, always true to their roots. Let the musicians speak:

“In ‘of Lies, curses and blood’, we chose to address issues of our interests that involve transit through the obscurity of human nature.

The lyrics of “On A Pale Horse”, the opening track, we wrote about Death personified, one that brings destruction and despair.

“The Unknown Darkness” was based on the short story Nightfall, from the science fiction writer Issac Asimov. The tale tells the humanity on the brink of madness to have their fears faced with the imminence of something new for them, the Darkness.

Also based on a literature work, “The Black Sword” is about Túrin Turambar, character of the writer J. R. R. Tolkien. Turin is one of the most macabre stories of Tolkien’s universe, being always wrapped in curses, pain and suffering.

In “An Inevitable End” the central object is the distaste for life, the frustrations and despairs, where the only way out is imminent death.

“Against the Lies” is loaded with criticism for the way in which religions, in the figures of their leaders, treat their “lambs” using the most abject mechanisms to extort money from weaker and sick minds.”


‘Of lies, curses and blood’, released in Brazil by Mutilation Records, was recorded at studio Ponto Zero (Santo André/SP) and produced by Eric Cavalcante (Deimous Nefus), also guitarist of the band, the cover was in the hands of singer Raphael Grizilli (Tanatos). The mastering was the responsibility of Neto Grous from Absolute Master.

Recalling that CREPTUM have just released the first video clip taken from work. The chosen song is the opening track ‘On The Pale Horse’. The video was directed and produced by Tandi Verissimo ( Watch:


The album, as well as the group’s official merchandise, is available for sale directly via email and Facebook. Shipping worldwide.


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