News published Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Coming down the stretch for the release of their new album, CREPTUM present the cover and the title of the petard.

The disc takes the title: ‘of lies, curses and blood’.

“The inspiration for the title came basically from the album theme. Are songs about lies, curses and blood. Although not a conceptual album in fact, there is a recurrence of these themes in the lyrics. We deal with issues such as religion, death (as a personification of destruction), curses, addressed beliefs and fears on the “sacred books” and classical literature.”

Already the cover art was in the hands of the singer Raphael Grizilli (Tanatos), which besides musician works professionally as a designer in São Paulo.


‘of lies, curses and blood’ will be released in Brazil by renowned Mutilation Records. The work was recorded at studio Ponto Zero (Santo André-SP) and produced by Eric Cavalcante (Deimous Nefus), also guitarist.


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