News published Friday, September 25, 2015

In addition to present us with two new songs, the new single from CREPTUM, ‘In The Arms Of Death’ also features a version for a Bathory’s classic.


This is the song ‘Massacre’ withdrawal from the album ‘Under the Sign of the Black Mark’ released in 1987.

To listen to this version, and the two new songs of CREPTUM after an 11 year hiatus, visit:

The single was recorded in the studio Ponto Zero and produced by Eric Nefus. The cover was again in the hands of the musician and designer Raphael Grizilli, also responsible for the visual identity of the group and also the Goetia72 stamping.

‘In The Arms Of Death’ is a preview of what CREPTUM prepares for their first full album, which is already being composed.


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