News published Thursday, August 06, 2015

Even with this large gap of 11 years, São Paulo’s CREPTUM remains one of the biggest promises of Brazilian Black Metal and is about to prove it in a new job.

The group is in studio where records the single ‘In The Arms of Death’, preview of debut scheduled for the end of the year. The material will be released on August 24 and still has two more tracks, check out the tracklist:

1. In The Arms of Death
2. Burn The Cross (also unpublished)
3. Massacre (Bathory cover)

The cover was again in the hands of the musician and designer Raphael Grizilli also responsible for the visual identity of the group and also at Goetia72 stamping.


Before its official release, the title track will be already available in the annual compilation of bands from Metal Media, which airs on the 14th of this month.

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