16/11/17 CREPTUM: EP also available on Facebook and Bandcamp
02/11/17 CREPTUM: New EP, ‘Reborn In Flames’, is available, listen now
28/10/17 CREPTUM: New EP ‘Reborn In Flames’ out next week
19/10/17 CREPTUM: Cover song and release date of new EP are revealed
06/10/17 CREPTUM: Cover artwork and title of the new EP are presented
08/09/17 CREPTUM: Preparing new EP for this year!
19/07/17 CREPTUM: New album available for free listening
29/06/17 CREPTUM: Watch the group in action on stage
10/03/17 CREPTUM: Confirmed in Colombian compilation
02/12/16 CREPTUM: New album available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital platforms
24/11/16 CREPTUM: Band ready to invade South America
04/11/16 CREPTUM: “the wait was worth it”
21/10/16 CREPTUM: Band talks about the concept behind ‘of lies, curses and blood’
23/09/16 CREPTUM: Black Metal in its pure state on new music video
09/09/16 CREPTUM: New album is available for sale!
19/07/16 CREPTUM: Musician of Desdominus/Thy Light guests in new album
21/04/16 CREPTUM: Tracklist of ‘of lies, curses and blood’
12/04/16 CREPTUM: Presented title and cover of the new album
23/02/16 CREPTUM: Inking deal with Brazilian Mutilation Records
13/11/15 CREPTUM: Review of ‘In The Arms Of Death’ – Underground Resistance Brasil
12/11/15 CREPTUM: Review of ‘In The Arms Of Death’ – Metal Samsara
25/09/15 CREPTUM: Cover of Bathory as bonus of the new single
25/08/15 CREPTUM: After eleven years new work is available
19/08/15 CREPTUM: Listen now a new song after eleven years!
06/08/15 CREPTUM: After 11 years band will release new material
03/07/15 CREPTUM: Band announces the new lineup
05/05/15 CREPTUM: EP will be released on cassette in Europe
25/03/15 CREPTUM: EP among the best of 2014
20/12/14 CREPTUM: Interview for Occult Black Metal Zine
18/12/14 CREPTUM: Review of ‘The Age Of Darkness’ – Underground Resistance BR
26/11/14 CREPTUM: Opening act for Besatt in Mauá, São Paulo
03/10/14 CREPTUM: Announcing the group’s new bassist
12/09/14 CREPTUM: Review of ‘The Age Of Darkness’ OccultBlackMetalZine (USA)
26/08/14 CREPTUM: Review of ‘The Age Of Darkness’ – Arte Metal
16/08/14 METAL MEDIA: Download now the commemorative compilation!
04/07/14 CREPTUM: Review of ‘The Age Of Darkness’ – Som Extremo
27/06/14 CREPTUM: Review of ‘The Age Of Darkness’ – Metal Samsara
20/06/14 CREPTUM: Listen the new Demo for free
03/06/14 CREPTUM: The demo ‘The Age Of Darkness’ is released