News published Friday, March 15, 2019

A lyric video is available for the song ‘Refugees’, track taken from the award-winning ‘Enraged’, which features one of its most touching lyrics and which, in a sense, sounds more current than ever:

“What is your place in the world? When all the trouble suffocates you, where do you seek for a refuge? A peaceful place, your home, your country…

“We all have a place where we belong, which defines not only our home but also who we really are, our roots, our culture, our beliefs and values. To lose our place in the world means a list of all what build us as social beings.

“Millions of people have lost the right of live in their own countries. People coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Pakistan and several other parts of the world, by war, persecution and all kind of misery.

“Even with so much loss and sorrow the hope of returning to the place where they belong remains alive. Xenophobia, fueled by ignorance and malice causes several countries to see refugees as a threat. They are only victims, people who seek for their place in the world. What is the point?”

The lyric video edition was in the hands of Thales Piassi, SACRIFICED’s former drummer.

‘Enraged’ was released in partnership with Shinigami Records and is available in physical format. To buy your copy, just get in contact with the band. The material is also available on the world’s leading digital music applications. Check out some links:


The album put SACRIFICED as one of the new great forces of Brazil’s Metal, chosen as one of the best local releases by sites like Arrepio Produções, Metal na Lata, O Subsolo, Arte Metal, Gaveta de Bagunças, Rebel Rock, Rock Vibrations, Heavy Metal Thunder, Road To Metal, Metal Open Mind and Underground Extremo. To complete, was also highlighted as one of the best discs according to the portal Headbangers Latinoamerica, one of the largest in the continent.

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