News published Saturday, February 16, 2019

NERVOCHAOS proudly announce that their new album, ‘Ablaze’, will be released worldwide by the Dutch label Hammerheart Records.

Hammerheart is one of the most traditional specialized record labels in the world, having today in its roster names like Master, Necrophobic, Pestilence, Cryptopsy and many others, learn more:

Brazilian act NERVOCHAOS is considered one of the great names of Extreme Metal nowadays, having already taken its Metal to the four corners of the world. More than 20 years of uninterrupted hard work made them achieved their musical maturity and adding their vast touring experience have build-up to their new album. “Ablaze” delivers what the title suggests, a very powerful Death Metal album firmly rooted in the Old School style. “Ablaze” is for sure a highlight for 2019!

To register ‘Ablaze’ once again the group went to Italy at Alpha Omega Studios, alongside producer Alex Azzali, who also mixed and mastered the work. The release date will be presented soon.

The band kicks off their new world tour in mid-April already promoting “Ablaze.” Watch them live and experience one of the most powerful bands in the scene nowadays.

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