News published Saturday, December 22, 2018

TCHANDALA have just released a new clip for the track ‘Tears Of River’ from the album ‘Resilience’.

But treating the release just as a clip would decrease the artistic value of the product. The group, in partnership with Estudio Reca and sponsored by SINPAF. The clip was all based on woodcut, with the Brazilian Northeastern backlands as scenery, with several references to Northeastern culture and life in this region. The lyrics talks about the misuse of the waters and banks of the São Francisco River, and discusses the subject talking about the benefits and the damages brought by the technological development and the consequences of man’s interference in nature, which has a price.

To make things even richer, the clip features the introduction ‘Lamento ao Velho Chico’, a Galloping by the Sea, by Deo Miranda and with the Banda de Pífano de Caruaru (Caruaru Fans Band) closing the masterpiece, just watch:

‘Resilience’ is available for streaming and download on the world’s top platforms:


Whoever prefers to purchase the physical material of TCHANDALA is only to contact through the official channels of the band or by email.

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