News published Saturday, November 10, 2018

The first work of Brazil’s TRINKA RUA, self-titled, is already available for audition on Spotify.

To check out the unusual mix of mixing styles and creating something unique, from Hip Hop to Metal, Jazz to Forró, visit the link:


‘Trinka Rua’ was recorded at the Musota Records studio, mixed and mastered at the El Rocha studio, with all the songs arranged by vocalist Rafael Suzuki, who also recorded them and performed the technical works. The cover is a photo by Norah Jacobs.

The work has 12 tracks, check out the tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Fodase
3. Caution
4. Pocket
5. Won’t Be the Same
6. Liberdade
7. Casino
8. Terra de Ninguém
9. Ouro de Tolo
10. Reminder of Who You Are
11. Nosso Amanhã
12. Babylon

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