News published Friday, September 21, 2018

One of the most anticipated Brazilian albums of the year, ‘Rebuilding The Future’, the first album from the project DEEP MEMORIES, headed by former Desdominus Douglas Martins, is officially available.

The work is being released simultaneously in Brazil, Japan and Russia. In Brazil the release was in charge of record labels Heavy Metal Rock and Misanthropic Records, in Japan Invasion of Solitude Records is responsible for the release and in Russia the release is being made by GS Productions.

Anyone who wants to buy the material can contact the band through social networks or email. ‘Rebuilding The Future’ can also be purchased directly with the labels. Those around the world that want to grab a copy, can also contact DEEP MEMORIES directly, shipping woldwide.

Offering the listener a differentiated musical experience, the album mixes cadence, heaviness, melody and aggressiveness with beautiful guitar duets, an atmosphere that goes from Death, Doom, Gothic and Prog with vocals ranging from speeches, sung parts, choirs and screamed and guttural vocals.

‘Rebuilding The Future’ features eight tracks:

1. When the Time for My Last Breath Comes
2. Suffocating Grayish Darkness
3. There is No End
4. Between Two Dimensions
5. Looking at the Black Mirror
6. The Bitter Taste Of Illusion
7. Explicit Way to Relieve Pain
8. Erased Directed Mindsets

DEEP MEMORIES has also just released a lyric video for the opening track of the album, ‘When the Time for My Last Breath Comes’:

Is also worth mentioning that in Japan the album received an exclusive cover, made by CadiesArt.

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