News published Friday, September 14, 2018

Talented musician and producer VNS VINICIUS is preparing his first studio album, which will be released on October 1st on the world’s leading digital music distributors, in addition to its physical version.

Under the title ‘Instrumental’, the album will feature 10 instrumental tracks that show all the technique and versatility, besides the “insanity” that the musician includes on his songs.

Guitarist since the age of 11, VNS VINICIUS began his studies with a private teacher and soon applied the techniques acquired in the rock bands of the region.

He has been composing songs and tracks since the 1990s and started his career as a guitarist and background vocal in the band Living Heaven, in 1996. In 2003 he was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Morbid Hate (Brazil).

His experiences have made him “The Guitar Ripping”, because in his songs we perceive his ripping characteristic that always precedes the changes from one part to another.

In the coming weeks the musician will release the new single and a sample of the coming disc. The work will be in a video clip format and the track is called ‘Flanger Halen’.

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