News published Friday, September 14, 2018

Japanese label Invasion of Solitude Records, responsible for releasing the album ‘Rebuilding The Future’, debut of Brazilian one-man-band DEEP MEMORIES, has just released a teaser with excerpts of all the songs that will be on the album.

‘Rebuilding The Future’ is the first album of the project led by former Desdominus, Douglas Martins, and will be released – in addition to Japan – simultaneously in Brazil and Russia on September 21 through the labels Heavy Metal Rock (Bra), Misanthropic Records (Bra) and GS Productions (Rus).

The album has yet to be released and is already being bestowed with the approval of those who has already listened to the work. In the lines of the review published on Roadie Crew’s website, the work is already considered a benchmark for the style: “a band that with this release will be a reference of the style for sure.”

‘Rebuilding The Future’ will feature two covers, one official, created by the musician and designer Douglas Martins, and another exclusive to the Japanese market created by CadiesArt.

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