News published Monday, August 13, 2018

When the musician Dmitry Luna is considered one of the Brazilian Metal workaholics, it is true. Since the MYRKGAND was born, this talented musician works unceasingly in his project.

After the great self-titled debut album, MYRKGAND did not stop and invited some of the best professionals in the world to record their second album and this album is almost done.

As previously announced, the recordings was in Europe at the Grapow Studios, Slovakia, produced by Roland Grapow (Ex-Helloween, Masterplan). The drums was recorded by Kevin Kott (MasterPlan, At Vance).

Dmitry traveled to Europe last week and recorded all the vocals and instrumental lines for this new album.

“The recordings were so cool, we had a lot of fun and were totally focused. It was very productive so we finished all one day off the schedule and got to rest and do a barbecue (laughs). Just wait and you’ll check a powerful album!”

Many details about the recordings can be checked in the official MYRKGAND web channels, follow them!

Now MYRKGAND has to announce the invited musicians to join this new album! Have a guess?

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