News published Monday, August 13, 2018

Closer to releasing their long-awaited debut album, DEEP MEMORIES presents another important detail from ‘Rebuilding The Future’: The cover art.

Like everything in this project leaded by Douglas Martins, the cover art is also signed by the musician and like everything, interconnected between the music and verses:

“This cover art expresses all the feelings inside the songs and the aura surrounding the album. Is an abstract art, bringing to the eyes a self-reflection and this is the right idea! The title ‘Rebuilding the Future’ exalts the individual freedom of the human being. All of us have the opportunity to build our own future, good or bad. The power to ‘rebuild’ this ‘future’ would be transcendental, to build a new path, painless and uncertain so you can have different impressions about the cover.”

‘Rebuilding The Future’ will be released simultaneously in Brazil, Japan and Russia in September by the labels Heavy Metal Rock (Bra), Misanthropic Record (Bra), Invasion of Solitude Records (Jap) and GS Productions (Rus). Check the tracklist:

1. When The Time For My Last Breath Comes
2. Suffocating Grayish Darkness
3. There Is No End
4. Between Two Dimensions
5. Looking At The Black Mirror
6. The Bitter Taste Of Illusion
7. Explicit Way To Relieve Pain
8. Erased Directed Mindsets

A little bit of DEEP MEMORIES work can be checked in the single ‘The Bitter Taste Of Illusion’:

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