News published Friday, July 13, 2018

The band TORMENTA is still working hard on its new album, which will be the long awaited official album and, in addition to telling us more about the new material, presents a new video with riffs from the new album.

The group recently completed the recordings that were in progress since November of last year at Under Studio, and now awaits the beginning of the mixing process with producer Romulo Ramazini, also a musician from the band Necrofobia.

10 new tracks were recorded for the new album, one of them being a version of a Brazilian song from the 1970s. Vocalist/guitarist Rogener Pavinski tells us a bit about how is to return back to the studio after 10 years of hiatus:

“It was a very painful wait, because it seemed that this record was never going to leave. In the day-to-day rush and struggle for survival, maintaining a metal band is a complicated task. In the disc we will have songs that, for example were composed from 2007 to 2017 representing different moments of our lives, both musically and in the theme of the lyrics. However I think everything is well cohesive and uniform, as we maintained the same style and sound, without surrendering to the fad. However we bring some evolutions, like the use of orchestrations in some songs, which is unusual in thrash metal.”

The band has just released a video with a preview of what we will have in the new material, in it, guitarists Rogener and Flávio play some of the main riffs of the new album, check out:

Still untitled, the album is scheduled for this year.

Founded in 1998, TORMENTA gained notoriety by performing Thrash Metal of 80ies influences sung in Portuguese. At the end of 2006 the band released their first work, the EP ‘Storm’, which was received very positively by both the public and the critics.


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