News published Friday, July 13, 2018

The Brazilian musician SAMUEL YURI, was highlighted on the British website A&R Factory, one of the top ten English music blogs.

The website exalts the single ‘Wind Before The Storm’ from the album ‘Epic Scales’, it’s “sensational” and comments: “You know you’ve stumbled across an absolute gem of a track when you crack a smile before the prelude has even finished seamlessly leading you into the first verse.”

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‘Epic Scales’ was released with 9 tracks continuing the previous works recorded by the composer and multi-instrumentalist in rock and metal singles released since 2017. SAMUEL YURI still compose inspired by Arabian songs in “Arab Theme III’ and Heavy Metal in ‘Wind Before The Storm’ and ‘Storm’. ‘Wind Before The Storm’ describes his musical inspiration and the interesting
fusion between music and the storm.

You’ll probably want to stay updated with the new SAMUEL YURI tracks following the artist’s page on Facebook.

The complete album is available for audition on the musician’s official channels. Check it out:


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