News published Friday, July 13, 2018

KHORIUM are back with their new single, ‘Curtina de Fumaça’ (‘Smoke Curtain’), which has just been released in lyric video format.

Taken from their most recent work, the EP ‘Manual Prático do Brasil’ (‘Practical Manual of Brazil’), the single follows the true “attack” that KHORIUM make with their music, thrusting their fingers into the wide open wounds of Brazil and how the “Smoke Curtain” has been controlling the population. Watch:

Between a lot of heaviness, groove, Metal riffs, rap beats and Funky bass, KHORIUM have been expressing a critical view on the current situation of Brazil and the world, without sparing the truth, in a sincere speech.

From this discourse and from this indignation was born ‘Manual Prático do Brasil’, which in five tracks sung in Portuguese opened up all our political and behavioral truth. The album was recorded at the studio Total Produções Artísticas, produced by G. Moreira and had the cover created by Rogério Fortes. Launch via Mosh Records, distributed by Voice Music.

The work is available in the main streaming applications in the world, check some links:



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