News published Friday, July 13, 2018

The new music video for DROWNED is available, the song chosen for the video is the track that opens the new album, ‘7th’, and takes the title of ‘The Bitter Art of Detestation’.

The clip features images from the group live group mixed with clever “incidental” arts created by the artist and vocalist Fernando Lima. The video was edited by Fernando himself with guitarist Marcos Amorim and the live images were captured by Thiago Albuquerque. Watch:

The album ‘7th’ was released in Brazil by Cogumelo Records and in North America by Greyhaze. The physical version is for sale. To buy ‘7th’, just contact the band by email or Facebook. The disc can also be ordered directly with Greyhaze Records via the link:

‘7th’ is also on the top digital music applications on the planet. To access, just do a search on your preferred application or visit one of the links:



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