News published Friday, June 22, 2018

Eagerly awaited, DEEP MEMORIES release the first single from their upcoming album scheduled for September. The song ‘The Bitter Taste Of Illusion’ is also on the promotional EP that the project will launch on July 3.

‘The Bitter Taste Of Illusion’ shows a part of the complex range of influences and nuances of DEEP MEMORIES’ music. The founder and mind behind the project, Douglas Martins, explains better:

“‘The Bitter Taste of Illusion’ is a song I particularly enjoy! I chose it to be the first to be posted for portraying in a very direct way the musical and lyrical proposal of DEEP MEMORIES. This music is a journey… It goes from a gloomy and tense climate to an encouraging aggressiveness. The instrumental parts synthesize this mixture very well, from the keyboards, varied vocals and a very aggressive solo at the end.

“Already the lyrical part exposes how much the illusions generated or accepted by us impact our lives, these illusions bring us a certain bitterness, many conflicts and solitude. When they are overcome, they generate the energy necessary to reach a new horizon of freedom and self-knowledge.”

Check out the video for the single:

The single is featured on EP ‘In Too Deep…’, set to be released on July 3. The work is a promotional EP and is being released in partnership with Heavy Metal Rock and Misanthropic Records. At first, it will be made available only to the specialized media and labels customers.

Already the long-awaited album – which will also feature ‘The Bitter Taste Of Illusion’ – will be released this year as well. It will be released simultaneously in Brazil, Japan and Russia in September through Heavy Metal Rock (Bra), Misanthropic Records (Bra), Invasion of Solitude Records (Jap) and GS Productions (Rus). More details coming soon.


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