News published Monday, June 18, 2018

DROWNED’s widely awaited seventh studio record, ‘7th’, is officially released and available for sale! In Brazil the disc is out via the legendary Cogumelo Records and abroad by the American Greyhaze Records.

The new album brings back the usual DROWNED: bold, creative and extreme, and adds all the experience gained in these 20 years of hard work and countless tours, turning ‘7th’ into its musical apex thus far.

To buy ‘7th’, just contact the band by email, Facebook or by link:

‘7th’ was recorded and produced by the band itself, mixed and mastered by guitarist Marcos Amorim, with cover by vocalist Fernando Lima.

Three songs were taken from the material:

‘Murder, Sex, Hate and More…’:
‘Violent March of Chaos’:
‘Rage Before Some Hope’:


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