News published Saturday, June 09, 2018

NERVOCHAOS are once again a quartet. The War Tank announces the entrance of talented musician Diego Mercadante.

Diego Mercadante is one of the most well-known musicians of the Brazilian underground, having passages through bands like Coldblood and Unearthly. In NERVOCHAOS Diego will share guitars and vocals with veteran Guiller.

The new quartet is already rehearsing and as usual announces a great world tour with shows scheduled between June and December, going through Europe, South America and their homeland, Brazil.

The tour in Europe will be in two parts, the first part from June 15 to June 30 and the second part from July 21 to August 11. Then the Latin American tour together with Enthroned and Purgatory with 12 dates. And soon after, the Brazilian tour will be divided into 3 parts, the first along with the band Dehuman, the second with the band Nervecell and the third with the legendary Master.

Added to all dates, this year NERVOCHAOS should total around 100 concerts! The War Tank never stops.

In August the band returns to Italy to register its new album, but before that there will be the release of the Demo-Tape ‘Of Evil and Men’ in July. The demo was recorded by Bruno Scarabotto at Espaço Som Studio, mixed and mastered by Eldar Ibrahimovic at Armageddon Studio.


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