News published Friday, April 06, 2018

FENRIR’S SCAR’s first self-titled album not only offers us an amalgam of complex music with hard-to-label and pleasant trips, it also brings a distinctive vision of Norse mythology.

The disc itself is not conceptual, but seeks in various mythologies and literary works inspiration for lyrics that touch the listener in different ways. Of course, the Norse mythology has its space of prominence, starting with the group’s name. Singer and main lyricist of the band, Desireé Rezende, tells us more:

“There is no specific concept behind the album, each song has a different inspiration. Each tells a different story. But I like to think that even in lyrics that are inspired by literary and fanciful stories, I bring a message that can be interpreted by a personal prism.”

‘Fenrir’s Scar’ is for sale in physical format directly with the band via email or Facebook, and is also available via digital music, check out some links:


From the album were taken some official videos, watch:

‘From Porcelain To Ivory’ (clip):
‘Beneath The Skin’ (lyric):
‘Fearless Heart’ (audio):
‘Beneath The Skin’ (audio):


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