News published Friday, March 02, 2018

Finally the new disc of one of the main names of Brazil’s Northeastern Metal in the present time, ENCÉFALO, is available. Named ‘DeaThrone’, this is the band’s third full-lenght.

The release in Brazil is being done in partnership with the renowned label Shinigami Records and can already be purchased directly with the band by e-mail or Facebook, shipping to all the world.

In ‘DeaThrone’ the group leaves a little the focus on Thrash Metal practiced on the previous ‘Slave Of Pain’ and ‘Die To Kill’ and invest in Death Metal, without leaving out the characteristics that gave their fame: great riffs and killer kitchen. The title of the work itself has a special meaning: “We chose this title for the CD because the main essence of the lyrics was ‘Death’, both in act and philosophy, and the throne venerating it as a supreme truth and our only certainty!”, they declare.

Such maturity felt on the album is a result of much time spent on stage, whether touring in Brazil, Europe or sharing the stage with giants like Deicide, Belphegor, Sinister and big festivals.

The work was recorded at VTM Studio and the studio of producer André Noronha, Noronha Home Studio, where it was also mixed and mastered. The cover was created by artist Ygor Nogueira.

The first single, ‘Blessed by the Worg Choice’, was released on YouTube and Facebook, check out:


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