News published Tuesday, February 20, 2018

One of the strongest names created in the last decade in Brazil, RED FRONT, came as a promise and became a reality, touring the world, releasing CDs and playing alongside world Metal legends.

As we are tired of knowing, having and maintaining a band in Brazil is no easy task and after some changes in the formation the group has paused. A pause that, between comings and goings, took more than two years.

The pause is over! Our heroes are back and this time to take their place on the scenario. RED FRONT released a teaser showing some of what is to come:

RED FRONT’s present lineup has the already old ones in the house: Oscar Casarini and Mark Santos; and the not-so-newcomers: Anderson Bosco, Daniel Lunardi and Paulo Zumby.

This is just a taste of what is being prepared by the group. Very soon we will have news about the new album, cover, tracklist, release date and of course, a complete song!

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