News published Saturday, February 10, 2018

HEAVIEST are promising two audiovisual superproductions to promote their new album, ‘The Wall Of Chaos-T’, and share with us the first preview of one of them.

The song is ‘Fire It Up’ and the preview is simply a small sample of the raw material. Highlight for an excerpt of the song that already shows the power of what is coming! Watch:

The concept of ‘The Wall Of Chaos-T’ deals with realistic issues such as cyberbullying, terrorism, abuse of power, religious fanaticism, among other controversial issues that promise to tinker with the listeners’ heads and feelings.

The upcoming album is produced by Guto Mantesso and co-produced by HEAVIEST and legendary American artist Roy Z (Judas Priest, Helloween, Bruce Dickinson). More details about the release will be announced soon.

The band is also very happy with the results of the music videos production that had the massive support of the fans, companies and specialized media. The band is grateful for the support of the companies: Sow, Promo Led, Vitrine Animada, Brazilian Plaza, Sem Destino Couro, Lafstudio, Stone Guitar Company and MondoCão Filmes.

More details about the music videos and the awaited album will be presented soon!


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