News published Friday, February 09, 2018

The song ‘Orcs & Ogres Brood’ is available for audition, which is on the self-titled debut of MYRKGAND and is attended by one of the most admired vocalists in Brazil: Malefactor’s Lord Vlad.

The song tells about creating a new breed, a cross between orcs and ogres, resulting in larger and more brutal beings who set out to capture magical beings to sacrifice them in tribute to their evil god. Listen:

‘Myrkgand’ was released in Europe by the Portuguese Your Poison Records, and in Brazil, in partnership with the label Nuktemeron Productions and is now available for sale. Both the CD and official T-shirts are on sale directly with MYRKGAND via email or Facebook.

The disc is also available in digital version. The work can be found at the world’s leading digital music distributors. Check out some links:

Google Play:

‘Myrkgand’ is an ambitious project that mixes heavy music, magic, epic moments and the grand vision of Dmitry Luna to create something unique. In this first work, recorded at Darkside Studio and produced by him and Diego DoUrden, Dmitry surrounded himself with musicians from some of the world’s great metal names such as Symphony X, Novembers Doom, Mystifier, Malefactor, Luxuria de Lillith, Steel Warrior, Korzus , and many others!


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