News published Saturday, January 20, 2018

Once again METALMORPHOSE’s tireless “on the other side of the ocean” bassist, André Bighinzoli, strikes! This time the musician produced a beautiful Italian version for the track ‘Tudo Na Vida Tem Seu Preço’ (‘Everything in Life has a Price’ in a free translation), from the album ‘Ação & Reação’.

For this version, which became ‘Nella Vita Tutto Ha Un Prezzo’, the bassist had help from the Italian musician Jeff Vinci. Known for his work with the band CROHM, Jeff here helped to translate the song and sang. The result is impressive, watch:

The images capture, direction and edition of the music video was in the hands of André Bighinzoli himself who used the beautiful area of ​​Valle D’Aosta in northwestern Italy.

The album ‘Ação & Reação’ was released last year and is on digital platforms, some links:


The album, as well as all official METALMORPHOSE merchandise is on sale directly with the band via email or Facebook.


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