News published Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Even after almost a year of its release, the EP ‘Enlighten’ by AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE continues to surprise those who dares to immerse into its music.

The new critic to be surprised by the EP is Pierre Cortes, one of the most respected critics of Heavy Music in the country. In his review published on the site Whiplash, he awarded the group with the highest rating and declared: “a sound of extreme quality and originality.”

In his review Pierre also talks about the creativity and versatility contained in ‘Enlighten’:

“It is impossible to deny that this work is composed by characteristics very marked in its sonic conception. We find, besides the good compositions, variations of rhythm, speed, melody, doses of melancholy, well-played riffs and solos, voices alternation. It’s a creative, enjoyable project to listen to and that can satisfy Metal fans in a more general way.”

Among other observations and comments, the reviewer concludes his review imperatively: “Let more albums come.” To read the full text, in Portuguese, visit:

The ‘Enlighten’ EP was recorded at Hcs Studio, in Rio de Janeiro, with the production by AS DRAMATIC HOMAGE and released by the label Cold Art Industries. The work can be checked for free by the link:

The disc can also be purchased in digital format through the link:


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